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Semi-Finalist - Swain/Ward

Jury Comments 

  • The statement is very well written
  • Clear demonstration of program requirements
  • Lack of synergy between the required components. For instance, the amphitheatre and bandstand.  
  • Allow for more onsite vendors
  • Maximized sustainability.


A Board   B Board

Board Text

Walla Walla's Farmer's Market celebrates community and honors its agricultural heritage. The new Market Station achieves those same goals. Programmatic elements combine with innovative site features to create a flexible civic amenity, a stage for community gatherings which is easily accessible from anywhere in the region through its partnership with the transit system.

The rolling hills of the surrounding farmland are echoed in the greenscape which folds up to form the station roof and doubles as an amphitheater. The station ticketing and waiting hall below are immediately adjacent to the bus loading area on 4th Avenue.  Retail space and tourist information is also located in this main hall.

Adjacent to the southern station entrance, the community kitchen provides educational opportunities and large scale meal preparation facilities. 

The artisan-designed outdoor banquet table is an opportunity to break bread with neighbors while enjoying entertainment from the bandstand.  Within the grove of trees, the Firefighters Memorial Statue continues to honor those serving their community.

The sinuous market shelter engages the passerby at the edges of the site, drawing them in to peruse vendors' wares in the plaza. The shelter roof collects and diverts rainwater into below-ground cisterns for landscape irrigation.

From the plaza, a gracious stair climbs towards the Market offices and a multi-purpose room which can accommodate community meetings, banquets, and other events.

Conscious integration of sustainable features, such as permeable paving, green roofs, and natural daylighting reduce the Station's environmental footprint and enhance the visitor's experience.