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Honorable Mention - Tormod Hellig, LLC & McCormack Landscape Architecture

Jury Comments 

  • Good use of site, communal and activity center, could potentially promote interaction between vendors.
  • Extremely feasible
  • Would like to see architecture in keeping with downtown Walla Walla.


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Light tension structures of membranes stretched over poles have been a tradition in Walla Walla country for thousands of years. Combine these with buildings of basalt and a unique sense of place is possible for the Walla Walla Market Station. Shade, light, cooling fountains, native plants are all composed to create a delightful place for transit passengers, shoppers, and vendors.

Shops and cafes line Main Street to provide continuity along the main shopping street. These buildings are of stone, proportioned as the historical masonry buildings of downtown, but shaped as basalt land features. A new park and market courtyard are located north of the street facade. The main entry to the site is through a large fabric structure that protects from summer heat and winter frosts.

The centerpiece of the new park is the market courtyard. It will serve as the main gathering area for the Farmer's Market and other public events. In summer, the center of the courtyard will become a children's fountain, with water jets mounted flush with the pavement that shoot streams of water into the air. Three fabric structures flanking the market courtyard will provide shelter for market vendors.