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Honorable Mention - KBAS, Julie Beckman

Jury Comments 

  • Appreciated synergy between the bandstand and amphitheatre
  • Reinforcement of the urban edge along 4th and Main Street however the architecture on these facades is too austere.
  • Timeline showing all possible events throughout the year was a nice touch.
  • Appreciated the effort to relate the new structural system to the structural design of the existing bandstand.
  • Concerned about upper level park usage.


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Board Text

Charged with the ability to facilitate a multitude of activities and events, Walla Walla Market Station has the potential to become a beacon with far-reaching cultural impact.  Through the enhancement of the existing mutually beneficial relationship between the Valley Transit Downtown Transfer Center and the Walla Walla Farmers Market, especially with respect to anticipated regional growth in the near-term future, numerous productive opportunities come to light.  First, by stretching and thickening Crawford Park into a significantly larger and more flexible public space, Walla Walla Market Station transcends its status as a transitional node and becomes a destination in itself.  Second, by organizing the various programmatic components such that an open, spatially diverse park-plaza is readily apparent, the "Rooted" Bandstand and Firemen's Memorial Statue are highlighted to the degree that their uniqueness truly calls for.  Third, by overlaying the entire site with a consistent pattern and material palette, the parking lot becomes subservient to the overall thrust of the place.  In other words, one will not get the sense that the Farmers Market takes place on a typical asphalt parking lot.  Lastly, a self-sustaining trellis canopy provides both organic cover and amazing views into, throughout and out of the park.