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Honrable Mention - Carmen Rivera, Miguel Urquiza

Jury Comments 

  • The People's choice
  • Liked versatility of the building.
  • The monumental façade of the long side seems more suitable to face Main Street.
  • Appreciate the arcade waiting area but are concerned there is no public passageway between this and the market. 

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Board Text

The proposed design for the new Market Station aims to combine traditional urban design concepts and place sensitive architecture to create a new activity center and landmark for the city of Walla Walla.  The concept of the design is to create a beautiful and versatile "market hall" building connecting Main St. and Rose St. running parallel to the bus loop along 4th Avenue and to retrofit and relocate the existing pavilion so that it now houses some of the program requirements and helps define Crawford Park.  There is also a conscious attempt to preserve as many of the current site features as possible in order to minimize the waste of embodied energy, reduce cost and to lessen the impact to the site and to current traffic flow patterns.
The placement of the buildings will help define the site, the park and its adjacent streets. Its architecture draws upon its surroundings to give the building an elegant and timeless spirit. The new building will take the shape of a traditional open market hall with passenger and public facilities located at its two ends. If additional parking is needed on site then a single underground parking level could be integrated into the design. The new Market Station, with its evocative character and strong but simple lines, will become an integral part of the City.  In addition to its primary role as bus transfer center station and Farmers Market site, it could also house an array of other function throughout the year.