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Site Tour

Crawford Park View

Big Picture

The site includes almost a full city block at 4th and Main in downtown Walla Walla.  The 4th Avenue right of way has also been modifed for transit use and is part of the design space. 4th and Main Aerial [pdf, 2.3mb]

The site is bounded by Rose Street to the north, a busy arterial with hundreds of vehicles per hour every day of the week. To the south is Main Street, a secondary arterial with somewhat lower volume and lower speeds.  Along the west is North 4th Avenue with lighter traffic and a bus lane serving the Valley Transit Transfer Station. Block Schematic

The east edge of the site is bounded by Walla Walla City Hall at the northeast corner and Walla Walla Title Company at the southeast corner. Crawford Park, a small urban City park buffers the Market Pavillion and parking lot from Main Street to the south.

Surrounding the site is Downtown Walla Walla.  The community is fortunate to have wealth of architecture dating back to the 1800's. There are hundreds of historic buildings within a radius of a few blocks, many of them from Walla Walla's time as Capitol of the Washington Territory.

Valley Transit Transfer Center

The Transfer Center is the main hub of the Valley Transit system. Eight primary routes plus many specialty buses serve the center. Dedicated bus curbs and lanes border the south and west edges of the site.  A small ticketing building provides services to passengers. Valley Transit provides restroom facilities in the building on Market days.

Walla Walla Farmers Market

The block is transformed on weekends from May through October as nearly 100 vendors and thousands of shoppers come to the Farmers Market. The Market has free live music every day under an art bandstand. People come to the Market to shop, listen to music, visit friends and eat great food.  The Farmers Market Pavillion provides cover for 14 vendors. Other vendors set up with canopies over the whole site. Market activities can even spill over into the 4th Ave. bus lane on busy events like Kid's Day. 

Crawford Park

Crawford Park is a small urban public park that offers a bit of green and a step out of the street environment. The park includes a memorial statue to firemen killed in a major fire that leveled nearly the whole block. The west end of the park is anchored by the band stand and its cover done by metal artist Wayne Chabre. The bronze, copper and steel structure is a tour-de-force in the design and metal working skills of Walla Walla Valley artists. Transit passengers use the park as they await their bus. Several vendors also set up in the park on Market days.

Pedestrian Views

Pedestrians approach the site from every direction. Main Street connects the Downtown to the Walla Walla County Courthouse, generating a steady stream of pedestrians on week days. Surrounding businesses share their parking lots for Farmers Market shoppers on weekends.

In an effort to enhance the pedestrian visitor experience and increasing tourism, wayfinding kiosks are being installed throughout the Downtown.  The Walla Walla Market Station design must include a kiosk placement. Kiosk Design [pdf, 1.7mb]

Particularly in the summer Farmers Market season, pedestrians appreciate shade as Walla Walla is in the semi-arid desert half of Washington State. Transit riders seek shelter from cold winds during the winter months.  2006 Weather History

Master Plan and Design Standards

The City of Walla Walla has worked with the Downtown Walla Walla Foundation in significant planning efforts in the last several years.  These have resulted in the Downtown Master Plan and Downtown Design Standards [pdf, 14mb]. The Walla Walla Market Station is to be a model of working the Plan and Standards to create excellent public spaces that respect and enhance the whole Downtown.