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Award of published cash prizes and exhibition of winning and notable schemes are Valley Transit and the Downtown Walla Walla Foundation's commitment to entrants. The right to enter into an agreement to provide architectural design services is reserved by Valley Transit. 

The jury will convene after the submission deadline to select winning projects and honorable mentions. Winners will be notified of the competition results by telephone and/or mail. A press release listing all winning projects will be posted on this web site. 

Winning presentations will receive cash prizes totaling UP TO $19,000 USD, with distribution as follows: 

  • Semi-Finalists (each) 1st Round $5,000 (Jury Award) 
  • Honorable Mentions (each) 1st Round $250 (Jury Award) 
  • Finalist (2nd Round) $3,000 (Jury Award) 

In the first phase of the competition, up to three semi-finalist teams will receive $5,000 each and continue on to the next phase of the competition. 

Up to four Honorable mentions will be selected in the first round and will receive $250 each. Honorable mention applicants may provide a 2nd Round submission responsive to the Jury's review comments and be equally considered in contention for the final award. All semi-finalists and honorable mention submissions will be exhibited in Walla Walla from 9 July - September 2007.

Public Exhibition and Copyright

Valley Transit and the Downtown Walla Walla Foundation shall retain ownership of all prize-winning design submissions. Downtown Walla Walla Foundation plans to hold both an online and a gallery exhibition of selected work submitted in the competition following the jury. In entering the design competition, entrants grant Valley Transit and the Downtown Walla Walla Foundation unrestricted license to exercise the entrants' rights regarding their design submissions, including, but not limited to, reproduction, preparation of derivative works, distribution of copies of the design submission, and the right to authorize such use by others.

When entering the competition, the registrant and all team members recognize the competition's program as the intellectual property of Valley Transit and the Downtown Walla Walla Foundation and agree to credit the two organizations by name in any subsequent exhibition or publication of the project. Entrants will be credited on all online and print material published by the organizers of the competition.

Detailed Submission Requirements

Please read all submission requirements carefully. Files that do not meet the requirements will be rejected. No re-submissions will be allowed after the deadline has passed. If you have any questions, you may submit them via e-mail to until 5pm, 23 April 2007. Answers will be posted on this website.


Two 24" x 36" boards are required. 

  • Board A must include the project description text (the same text will also be submitted separately as a Microsoft Word compatible .doc file), a small diagram, plan, or sketch to place the project in context, and a single large image that conveys the intent of the project. The suggested layout for this board is: large image on the right, text at the bottom of column on the left, and an overview, sketch, or diagram in the top of column on the left (above the text).
    The text statement of no more than 250 words explaining the project's concept, design intent, and phasing should be included on board A, as well as in a separate Microsoft Word compatible (.doc) file
  • Board B should contain whatever additional drawings, diagrams, or sketches are necessary to further explain the project.

Plans, sections, and perspective views are suggested, but the scale of each is left up to the entrants. Additional drawings may be included if they will further explain your project.

Two 24" x 36" boards are required (landscape or portrait). Each board must include the entrant's registration number in the upper right hand corner in either 36 point plain black text on a white background or 36 point plain white text on a black background.

Entrants must provide professionally printed, high-quality prints, laminated, and mounted on 1/4" Gator board and the requested supplemental digital files.

Computer Files

Two 24"x 36" board image files in PDF format are required, together with smaller JPEG versions of the same files (600 x 800 pixels each), a single detail/thumbnail (100 x 100 pixels), and a Microsoft Word compatible document containing the project description text. 

All files must be named with the registration number you received when you submitted your registration, followed by an underscore and 01, 02, etc. For example, the files for registrant 0000 would be called: 

Board A: 0000_A.pdf (large file), 0000_A.jpg (small file for web)
Board B: 0000_B.pdf (large file), 0000_B.jpg (small file for web)
Other: 0000_thumb.jpg, 0000.doc 

Each PDF file must include the entrant's registration number in the upper right hand corner of the image..


The submission shall have no name or mark that could serve as a means of identifying the project, other than the registration number, which entrants will receive by email after completing the registration process (including payment). 

Submission Checklist

The following submittal materials must be received at the Valley Transit office (1401 W. Rose St., Walla Walla, WA 99362) no later than 5 pm, 1 June 2007: 

  • Each project must be accompanied by a completed project submission form, which will be provided to all registered participants following receipt of the registration fee. A completed copy of the form must be enclosed in an unsealed envelope firmly affixed to the back of each board.
  • Two 24" x 36" boards 
  • A CD marked with your registration number and containing the following files:
  • Two board image PDF files, 5MB maximum size for each file 
  • Two board image 600 x 800 pixel JPEG files, 150K maximum size for each file (web-ready files for online exhibition) 
  • One 100 x 100 pixel JPEG file, 20K max size (image detail of your choice from either board for online thumbnail) 
  • One Microsoft Word compatible (.doc) file containing the same project description text (250 words or less) as the first board 

Round II Submission Requirements

Round II submission requirements are identical to Round I.

Round II submittal materials must be received at the Valley Transit office (1401 W. Rose St., Walla Walla, WA 99362) no later than 5 pm, Friday, 29 June 2007: