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Valley Transit provides local bus service from a Transfer Center Service Building on Main Street, located near City Hall and the County Courthouse. Services available at the transfer center include bus schedule information, ticketing, and public restrooms.  The building is adjacent to a public parking lot behind City Hall.  Every weekend between May and the end of October, the site completely transforms to host the Walla Walla Valley Farmers Market. The market includes an eclectic array of vendors, musicians, children's activities, and community gathering opportunities.

In partnership with the City, the Downtown Walla Walla Foundation, and the Walla Walla Valley Farmers Market Association, Valley Transit seeks to replace the existing facility with a Market Station incorporating expanded uses and integrating other potential community amenities. The Design Competition includes evaluation of the Valley Transit site and adjacent city property and development of an innovative architectural and urban design solution representative of the City and stakeholders values.


Valley Transit and project partners seek creative solutions that combine good urban and architectural design with sensitivity to the historic context of downtown Walla Walla. We seek to create a well-designed building and re-invent its surroundings in a way that fits in the historic and urban context of the City; reinforces the City's Downtown Master Plan and Design Standards; reflects the community's support of public art, provides a signature site for the Farmers Market, and incorporates sustainable design to the maximum extent possible. 

Designers should look for opportunities to address transit requirements and incorporate as many additional program opportunities as possible.

Transit Improvements

Valley Transit accommodates up to 220 local bus arrivals and departures daily from the Transfer Center Service Building. Inter-city bus services add 11 more daily arrivals and departures. Redesigning the building should improve customer service by providing an accessible waiting area, ticket office, and small package reception area serving customers of both local and inner city buses. The building should also incorporate a janitor's closet. 

Designers are encouraged to look beyond the building footprint and address traffic flow and geometric considerations affecting Main Street and 4th Street, as well as the City parking lot, and address general public space and specific Farmers Market related needs. Valley Transit's bus design deliberately evokes a historic trolley form which should be an aesthetic consideration in design development. 

Commercial/Retail Opportunity

Designers may choose to incorporate a commercial or retail aspect serving transit passengers, including but not limited to a news stand or café.

Visitor Center/Information Kiosk

A city-wide wayfinding effort will install six informational kiosks at select locations including the Market Station. Renderings of the kiosk are included and should be incorporated into site design. In addition, Walla Walla is a burgeoning tourist destination distinguished by the local wine industry. Designers should consider opportunities to facilitate visitation within the building and on site.

Farmers Market Operations and Potential Expansion

A bustling Farmers Market fills the site on Saturdays and Sundays from May through October. The Market is a community amenity that combines agricultural commerce with community events including music, children's activities, and arts and crafts. The Farmers Market utilizes the City lot adjacent to the Transfer Center Service Building, and the rest rooms within the building. 

Present and anticipated Farmers Market operation should be addressed in the design including (but not limited to) expansion of the rest room facilities; provision of limited office space for the Market, expansion of sheltered stall areas on site, storage space, meeting space, and the potential to provide a commercial kitchen suitable for market day demonstrations and week day production purposes.

Public Space

Submissions should include diagrams illustrating open-space proposals addressing transit passenger needs as well as weekend Farmers Market use. The bandstand and arcades on site can be incorporated or moved to facilitate pedestrian use. Areas for individual waste receptacles must be screened and designs including improved fencing solutions are encouraged.

Traffic and Pedestrian Flow 

Submissions should schematically resolve traffic flow through conventional traffic-calming methods or innovations specific to the transit site. Farmers Market shoppers access the site from parking lots surrounding the site and need better defined routes. Several thousand people can visit the Farmers Market on any given Market day.


Maintenance or expansion of parking spaces for use during the week is desirable.